$5 Million in Savings with CRAFT

A leading North American power and gas retailer achieved a $5 million annual benefit from implementing CRAFT.

Multiple acquisitions, sales territories, manual systems and disparate compensation processes led to high operational costs, leakage from overpayments and overall channel dissatisfaction. They knew there had to be a better way.

Before CRAFT, handling commissions meant a complex process supported by sheer manpower or deferral - and sales was not supported. Now with CRAFT, we are able to adapt quickly and focus our team’s efforts on more value-added activities. The efficiency means our team’s contributions have impact, the sales channel is highly satisfied, and we have a new level of data insight that can support our company’s strategy going forward.
— Commissions Manager

When the retailer partnered with CRAFT to develop a cloud-based sales performance and compensation solutions, the platform solved their problems by providing an energy vertical, scalable platform that ran on Amazon Web Services (AWS). It allowed for real-time data visibility and leveraged historical forecasts to evaluate future trends to predict better sales channel output. 

The enterprise saved more than $5 million a year. With the increased revenue stream, our partner was able to reallocate resources to more demanding initiatives, reduce manual reporting, save time and increase sales team trust.


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